2016 Prices

Cotton shirts, long & short sleeve £1.00 each
Linen or denim shirts, trousers, jeans & skirts £1.20 each
T-shirts & tops £0.90 each
Full-length dresses £1.50 each
Pillow cases £0.50 each
Single fitted sheets £1.00 each
Double fitted sheets & single duvets £1.50 each
Double duvets & small curtains £2.00 each
Large curtains £2.50 each

Delivery & Collection Times Monday to Friday: 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm

Ironing collected on a Saturday will be returned on the Monday.
  • To keep our prices competitive, we have a minimum charge of £10, so a fortnightly ironing service may be more practical for some people.
  • Each area has its own collection and delivery day, we'll let you know your day when you enquire. If you need a special one-off ironing service which falls on a different day, there will be a £10 additional delivery charge. 
  • If you live between an 8 and 13 mile radius from Southbourne, an additional £6.00 delivery charge will apply, and an additional £12 if you live within a 13 to 20 mile radius.